Robert V. Keeley, 1929—2015

In reporting his death on Jan. 9, The Washington Post called Robert Keeley an “outspoken ambassador,” noting that, in the late 1960s, he opposed the U.S.-supported military takeover of the Greek government, and criticized the coup’s use of torture. Later, in Uganda, he confronted the atrocities of Idi Amin.  The Post also noted that he  challenged Washington’s pro-Israel bias, which he believed badly damaged our international reputation.

It was that conviction that led him to accept our invitation in 2006 to join AMEU’s board of directors, making him one of five U.S. ambassadors to have served on our board.

In 1989, he received the Christian Herter Award from the American Foreign Service Association for his “initiative, integrity, intellectual courage, and creative dissent.”

Bob Keeley brought all those qualities to our organization, for which we are most grateful.  

To his wife, Louise, and his two children, Michal and Christopher, we extend our condolences.

— John F. Mahoney

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