AMEU's Long History

AMEU was founded in 1968 by Americans whose professions in medicine, church ministry, archaeology and diplomacy had taken them to the Middle East. AMEU strives to create in the United States a deeper appreciation of the cultures, histories, and politics of the region.

Our primary objective is to amplify the voices and analysis of scholars, activists, and policymakers working on Middle East issues, particularly the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

AMEU’s principal publication, The Link, is available in hard copy and online four or five times a year. Each issue is devoted to a single critical issue, one usually not covered in depth, if at all, in the mainstream press.

In addition to its general readership, The Link circulates to thousands of faith leaders, academics, and educators, as well as to hundreds of public and school libraries, including major universities. An annual voluntary subscription to The Link is $40.

While AMEU will continue to focus energies on The Link, new online forays will complement that print tradition. Our goal is to appeal to new readers and use digital tools to address and disseminate our content.