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While AMEU has operated without interruption since its establishment in 1967, it rarely has more than a few months of cushion in its bank account.

Because of People Like You...

We credit a longtime contributor from Texas with the idea that brought us back from the brink of collapse over 10 years ago, and which plays a vital role in our continuing survival.

We were forecasting a catastrophic shortfall of more than $30,000, and her idea was to suggest to our subscribers to The Link that they consider adding $100 a year to their past level of support. If 300 people would do that, she said, we'd be back on our feet.

She was right.

It is still touch and go, but her idea continues to work its magic.

While we will send The Link to anyone who has a sincere interest in the subject matter, we suggest a voluntary contribution of $40. For those who have been subscribers long enough to appreciate the mission of AMEU and the role of The Link, we hope they will consider assisting AMEU with additional support -- $100 a year or more if they can fit it into their budgets.

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