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The Lydda Death March

Issue: 2000, Volume 33, Issue 3
Subject: History|Land and Homes|Refugees|War/Conflict
Author: Amash, Charles; Rantisi, Audeh
Issue Description:

On July 12 [1948] Ramle and Lydda were occupied by Zionist forces and a curfew was imposed. At 11:30 a.m., many Lydda inhabitants, shut up in their houses, took fright at the sudden outbreak of shooting outside.… Some rushed into the streets, only to be cut down by Israeli fire...In the confusion, many unarmed detainees in the detention areas in the center of town – in the mosque and church compounds –were shot and killed.… At 13:30 hours, July 12, before the shooting had completely died down, Operation Dani HQ issued the following order to Yiftah Brigade: “The inhabitants of Lydda must be expelled quickly without attention to age.”--Israeli historian Benny Morris, “The Middle East Journal,”vol. 40, No. 1, Winter 1986, pp. 86-87

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