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In the Land of Christ Christianity Is Dying

Issue: 1995, Volume 28, Issue 1
Subject: Christianity|Holy Land|Jerusalem|Land and Homes
Author: Halsell, Grace
Issue Description: In this Link, Halsell explains the reasons for the precipitous decline in the proportion of Christians— the “Living Stones”— in the land of their origin. She also comments on how Christian visitors to the Holy Land are systematically routed around their co-religionists. As one of 630 Christians who flew to Israel in 1983 on a Holy Land tour sponsored by the Rev. Jerry Falwell, Halsell observed that during her tour by bus, not one Christian guide was provided, nor was time allocated to meet Christian Palestinians or attend a Christian services. She writes: ”On the day we approached Nazareth, where Jesus grew up and had his ministry, our guide said, ‘There is Nazareth.’He added we would not stop. ‘No time,’he said. Minutes later, he changed his mind, announcing: ‘We will stop in Nazareth. To use the toilet facilities.’Thus, the only site the Christians saw in all of Nazareth were the toilets.
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