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Current Issue > 2021 - Volume 54
New to the Link, Omar Aziz closes out 2021 with a review of the myriad ways Israel uses time to undermine Palestinian agency. Waiting for permits, not knowing where unexploded ordinance lies buried, when unlawful eviction orders may be levied, how the machinations of the Israeli judicial operate, or restricting access to broadband technology... Israeli forces exploit the asymmetric temporal dimensions of Occupation at every turn, and Palestinians adapt. The author points to the Unity Intifada as a last, and hopeful, resort.
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In early 1967, six Americans met to form an organization they called Americans for Middle East Understanding.  In August of this year, AMEU’s Board of Directors selected Nicholas Griffin to be the organization’s fourth Executive Director in 54 years.  In this issue of The Link, our bimonthly publication, retiring Executive Director, John Mahoney, welcomes Nicholas to the job and invites all of us, as we look to the future, to take a few minutes to visit our half-century old archive, where the past has something important to tell us. 
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The dictionary describes rant as a noisy jollification.  If you've never been on one, now's a good time to start.
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A former officer in the Israeli army takes a critical look at the Israel Defense Forces and asks how long will this colonial state get away with it?
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The times, they are a-changin’, even when it comes to the interminable Israeli-Palestinian “conflict.” On January 5, 2018, The New York Times ran a piece entitled: “As the 2-State Solution Loses Steam, a 1-State Solution Gains Traction.”
Posted: 1/9/2021 8:50:20 AM by AMEU Editor | with 1 comments

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