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The AMEU Board & Advisory Council

AMEU is a non-profit organization and members of its Board and National Council are unpaid. Board members meet in New York in the Spring and Washington, D.C. in the Fall. Council members act in an advisory capacity and are consulted as issues relevant to their individual knowledge and experience arise. Among the men and women listed below are scholars and academics, former diplomats, writers and editors, individuals associated with religious institutions, and business people, including many who have lived and worked for extended periods in the Middle East.
Board of Directors
  • Brian Mulligan
  • Daniel Norton (Treasurer)
  • Darrel D. Meyers (Vice President)
  • Henrietta Goelet
  • Jane Adas (Secretary)
  • Janet McMahon
  • John F. Mahoney, Executive Director Emeritus
  • John Goelet
  • Mimi Kirk (President)
  • Muna Killingback
  • Richard Hobson
President Emeritus
  • Robert L. Norberg
National Council
  • Ann Kerr
  • Donald E. Wagner
  • Edward J. Dillon
  • Elizabeth Barlow
  • Kathleen Christison
  • Mary Norton
  • Nancy Lapp
AMEU Staff
  • Michelle Boyd, Office Manager
  • Nicholas Griffin, Executive Director
  • Jeffrey A. Norberg