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Apartheid Israel

Issue: 2018, Volume 51, Issue 2
Subject: Apartheid
Author: Cook, Jonathan
Issue Description: The Link is doing a series of issues on how the concept of apartheid in international law applies to the different situations in which Palestinians find themselves:  citizens of Israel, occupied West Bankers, imprisoned Gazans, and residents of Jerusalem. This issue examines the status of Palestinian citizens of Israel. Our writer is Jonathan Cook, a freelance journalist who lives with his family in Nazareth, Israel.
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Apartheid West Bank

Issue: 2018, Volume 51, Issue 3
Subject: Apartheid
Author: Kuttab, Jonathan
Issue Description: In 2006, former president Jimmy Carter wrote a book which he entitled "Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid.  In our June-July issue of The Link, Palestinian lawyer Jonathan Kuttab tells why, 12 years later, the president's worst premonition has come to pass.
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The Judaization of Jerusalem / Al-Quds

Issue: 2018, Volume 51, Issue 4
Subject: Jerusalem
Author: Ra'ad, Basem L.
Issue Description: So, why the title “The Judaization of Jerusalem / Al-Quds”?  For one thing, says Basem Ra'ad, author of our Sept.-Oct. 2018 Link issue, the taking of land from one people and giving it to another based on an exclusive blood line is, simply put, racist and the worst form of apartheid.
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Palestinian Children in Israeli Military Detention

Issue: 2018, Volume 51, Issue 5
Subject: Children|Civil Rights|Human Rights
Author: Parker, Brad
Issue Description: The cover photo by Wisam Hashlamoun/Flash90, taken in the West Bank city of Hebron on Dec. 7, 2017,  shows 16-year –old Fawzi al-Juneidi, bloodied, bound and blindfolded, being taken away by over 20 Israeli soldiers.
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In the Beginning...

Issue: 2017, Volume 50, Issue 1
Subject: Anniversary Issue
Author: Mahoney, John F.
Issue Description: The Link is literally 50 years in the making.  We dedicate it to all our readers, past and present.
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Al-Tamimi et al v. Adelson et al

Issue: 2017, Volume 50, Issue 2
Subject: Civil Rights|Courts
Author: Jerome, Fred
Issue Description: The Link has used various venues to tell the story of the Palestinian catastrophe. In “Captive Audiences” by Thomas Suarez it was a musical recital; in “The Grief Counselor of Gaza” by Dr. Eyad Sarraj it was psychiatric care; in “Mirror, Mirror” by Maysoon Zayid it was standup comedy. In this issue it is a Washington, D.C. courtroom.
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Marwan Barghouti and the Battle of the Empty Stomachs

Issue: 2017, Volume 50, Issue 3
Subject: Arafat|Civil Rights|Human Rights
Author: Cook, Jonathan
Issue Description: Perhaps it was fitting that the most significant act of organized mass resistance by Palestinians to the occupation in many years was launched from behind bars.   In April of this year more than 1,500 political prisoners began an indefinite hunger strike against their increasingly degrading treatment by the Israeli authorities. Some called it a prison “intifada,” the word Palestinians use for their serial efforts to “shake off” Israeli oppression.
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The Cult of the Zionists - An Historical Enigma

Issue: 2017, Volume 50, Issue 4
Subject: Zionism
Author: Suárez Thomas
Issue Description: Our feature writer, Tom Suarez, spent long hours in The National Archives in England "connecting the  dots," as he puts it, between Zionism and fascism, including Nazism, and  between what  British intelligence knew about the true intent of Zionism and when it knew it.  Much of his research has never seen the light of day.
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Anti-Zionism Is NOT Anti-Semitism, And NEVER Was

Issue: 2017, Volume 50, Issue 5
Subject: Anti-Semitism|Zionism
Author: Brownfeld, Allan C.
Issue Description: Recently, French President Emmanuel Macron called anti-Zionism a form of anti-Semitism.  Not true, says Allan Brownfeld, editor of ISSUES, the quarterly journal of the American Council for Judaism.  Indeed, as he shows in our December issue of The Link, there is a long and well articulated history of Jewish anti-Zionism.
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The Second Gaza

Issue: 2016, Volume 49, Issue 1
Subject: Business|Education|History|Literature|Media|Music
Author: Abu Saif, Atef
Issue Description: There are two Gazas.  One is the Gaza you get when you Google Gaza.  The other is the Gaza you will discover in this issue of The Link.
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