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No, Mr. Trump | 12/11/2017
No, Mr. Trump. You are making the “same failed assumptions and repeating the same failed strategies of the past.” 
Recently, French President Emmanuel Macron called anti-Zionism a form of anti-Semitism.  Not true, says Allan Brownfeld, editor of ISSUES, the quarterly journal of the American Council for Judaism.  Indeed, as he shows in our Dec. issue of The Link, there is a long and well articulated history of Jewish anti-Zionism.

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LINK ISSUE: Perhaps it was fitting that the most significant act of organized mass resistance by Palestinians to the occupation in many years was launched from behind bars.  In April of this year more than 1,500 political prisoners began an indefinite hunger strike against their increasingly degrading treatment by the Israeli authorities. Some called it a prison “intifada,” the word Palestinians use for their serial efforts to “shake off” Israeli oppression.
The Link has used various venues to tell the story of the Palestinian catastrophe. In “Captive Audiences” by Thomas Suarez it was a musical recital; in “The Grief Counselor of Gaza” by Dr. Eyad Sarraj it was psychiatric care; in “Mirror, Mirror” by Maysoon Zayid it was standup comedy.

In our current issue it is a Washington, D.C. courtroom
By James M. Wall

It is no surprise that the guaranteed $38 billion gift from U.S. taxpayers to Israel over the next ten years was not discussed Wednesday when President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu met at New York’s Lotte New York Palace Hotel.
This video outlines the unsolved terrorist murder of Alex Odeh on October 11, 1985 who was killed by a bomb set by a trip wire as he opened the door to the office where he held the position of Western Regional Director of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee based in Washington.
Oct. 11, 2015 marked the 30th anniversary of the cold-case murder of Alex Odeh.   The FBI designated the murder as an act of domestic terrorism --- a terrorist attack that took place here in the United States, in Santa Ana, California.
In the late sixties or early seventies, when I served as the executive head of the Synagogue Council of America, the coordinating body for certain social action and interreligious activities of the Orthodox, Conservative and Reform national rabbinical and congregational organizations in the United States, I had a private conversation—one of many—with Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, who was considered the leader of modern Orthodoxy in the United States, if not the world.

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On Feb. 26, 2015, in London, Gilgamesh Publishing will launch its newest book, “The Strange Little City of Ancient Zion” by Dr. George Wesley Buchanan. The book is based on Dr. Buchanan’s July-August 2014 Link article, “What If the Ruins of King  Solomon’s Temple are NOT under the Dome of the Rock?”  
An article in the July 25, 2014 Washington Times begins with the words, "As conflict rages in Gaza ... something is happening within Jerusalem that could change the course of history." That "something" is the subject of our most July-August issue of The Link, available on this website.
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