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Jews Step Forward

Author: Marjorie J. Wright
January 2019
Volume 52 , Issue 1
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About This Issue

Earlier this year I was invited to a showing of the documentary film Jews Step Forward.
At the end, with the film credits running, I recall whispering to the  person next to me that it was the  most powerful documentary  I had seen on the subject of Jewish-American support for Palestinian rights.
This was not yet another “talking heads” shoot.  Rather, it wove the biographies of the individuals interviewed with historic footage of the events that shaped their lives: from the Holocaust to the Nakba, from Kristallnacht  to Israel’s military occupation.
And not only had I not heard of the film, I didn’t recognize the name of the filmmaker.  All the more surprising since, as Google would later enlighten me, Marjorie Wright, in 2008, wrote and co-produced “Voices from Inside, Israelis Speak,” which received  the Arpa Foundation’s Armin T. Wegner award for its promotion of social justice and human rights.  And, again, in 2013, Marjorie produced “Voices Across the Divide,” that chronicled the Palestinian narrative of loss, occupation, statelessness and immigration to the United States.
My first impulse was to send a DVD copy of Jews Step Forward  to every one of our subscribers.  But that was impractical, not to mention costly.  So we decided to invite Marjorie to write a Link article informing our readers why she made the documentary, and why she considers it her most important work.  Then, for those readers who would like a copy of the DVD, we would make it available for $9.00, essentially the cost of postage and handling.
For information on ordering Jews Step Forward, see page 15 of the PDF here >>

--John F. Mahoney, Executive Director

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