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The Checkpoints

Author: Rawan Yaghi
January-March 2018
Volume 51 , Issue 1
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About This Issue
We first meet Rawan Yaghi as a 19-year-old Palestinian trying to navigate her way through an Israeli checkpoint.

By the end of our article she has finished her BA in Italian and Linguistics at the University of Oxford, where she was awarded the first Junior Members’ Scholarship at Jesus College, a student-led initiative for a student from Gaza.
She put the finishing touches on her article in Jordan, where she is currently waiting for permission from the Israelis to go back home.

Rawan represents a new generation of  Palestinians who have spent their whole lives in the world’s largest maximum security prison, where the only way in or out is through the detested and dehumanizing checkpoints.

This is their story.
On page 15 of the PDF, we offer a selection of books and videos that complement our feature article.
We also encourage readers to go to our website ( for related feature articles from our Archive.   In particular, we recommend:
  • Beyond Road Maps and Walls by J. Halper, v. 37, #1.
  • The Grief Counselor of Gaza by Eyad Sarraj, v. 41, #3
  • Spinning Cast Lead by Jane Adas, v. 42, #5
  • The Immorality of It All by Dan Maguire, v. 47, #5
  • Between Two Blue Lines by Tom Hayes, v.48, #5

--John F. Mahoney, Executive Director

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