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Marwan Barghouti and the Battle of the Empty Stomachs

Author: Thomas Suárez
September-October 2017
Volume 50 , Issue 4
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About This Issue
A professional violinist, Thomas Suárez has played with major symphony orchestras, held chamber music posts, and was on the faculty of Palestine’s National Conservatory of Music — until the Conservatory gave up on its attempts to get him past the Israeli siege to his new post in Gaza.

In our Dec. 2008 Link “Captive Audiences,” Tom wrote about his experiences playing for West Bank refugee children, along with his partner Nancy Elan and her London Philharmonic Orchestra colleague, Tom Eisner.

Tom has also authored two books on Palestine: “Palestine Sixty Years Later,” a 2008-9 look at Gaza, Jerusalem, and the West Bank; and “State of Terror: How Terrorism Created Modern Israel,” published last year.

In 2015, Tom was elected to AMEU’s Board of Directors.

A native of New York, Tom now resides in London.

On page 14 of the PDF, we note the passing of four longtime AMEU supporters:  Muhammad Hallaj, Vince Larsen, Rachelle Marshall and Jack  Shaheen.

On page 15 of the PDF are listed AMEU’s current video selections. The last on the list is “The Occupation of the American Mind.”  On the production company’s website (Media Educational Foundation), this video lists for $350.00.  As a non-profit, educational organization, AMEU was able to buy in bulk for much less, bringing the cost of a single video to $23.00, shipping included.  Now an AMEU benefactor, who was greatly impressed with the video and would like to make it widely available, has paid to reduce the price to $13.00, again, shipping and handling is included. 

As our cover page proclaims, this is AMEU’s 50th  anniversary year.  Normally we restrict our fundraising to three appeal letters a year.  But in this landmark year we appeal now to all who are reading this issue.  These are critical times and, financially, it’s getting harder each year to sustain our programs.  You can make a donation by going to our website  Or you can send a check payable to AMEU to: AMEU, 475 Riverside Drive, Room 245, NY, NY 10115.     

Thank you.

--John F. Mahoney, Executive Director

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