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Once Upon a Time in Gaza

Author: Rawan Yaghi
October-November 2019
Volume 52 , Issue 4
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About This Issue

In a 2008 Link issue, Dr. Eyad Sarraj, founder of the Gaza Community Mental Health Program, told of the trauma experienced by some two million human beings with almost no access to the outside world and with severe restrictions on their supply of water, food, electricity and fuel.

In 2009, Jane Adas, then AMEU’s vice president and now its president, was one of the few outsiders let into Gaza to see the devastation wrought by Israel’s 22-day assault, code-named “Operation Cast Lead.”  Her report appeared in our December 2009 issue.

In 2012, we ran a feature article by Dr. Mads Gilbert, medical head of the Clinic of Emergency Medicine at University Hospital of North Norway and a volunteer worker at Gaza’s al-Shifa Hospital during the first two weeks of Operation Cast Lead where, in his words, he “waded in death, blood and amputated limbs, with most of the victims being children.”  He concluded his Link article accusing Israel of war crimes.

In our August-September 2019 Link, award-winning journalist Jonathan Cook updated the findings of the United Nation Conference on Trade and Development that by 2020 Gaza will be “uninhabitable.”

In this issue we turn to a short story writer to convey the terrible truth of what has been called the world’s largest maximum security prison. Rawan Yaghi is a young Gazan who graduated from the University of Oxford. How she managed the checkpoints to get in and out of Gaza was the subject of her January-March 2018 Link.   Here she lets her characters tell what hell is really like.

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