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Palestinian Christians

Author: Jonathan Cook
July-August 2020
Volume 53 , Issue 3
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About This Issue

Dear Reader,
Jonathan Cook is a British freelance writer who lives with his family in Nazareth. This is his ninth feature article for The Link. All his previous articles going back to 2010 are available on our website:

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And while you are on our website, there is another Link article I’d urge you to read. Several times in his current article, Cook notes that Christian as well as Muslim Palestinians suffered the horrors of the Nakba, or the Catastrophe when, in 1948, Zionist forces drove 750,000-plus Palestinians from their homes. The town of Lydda was overrun on July 12, 1948. Some inhabitants, seeking refuge in the town’s mosque and church compounds, were shot and killed. Others were stripped of their jewelry and money and forced out of Lydda on what, for many, was a death march. Two independent eyewitnesses -- Audeh Rantisi and Charles Amash -- agreed to recall that terrifying experience in our July-August 2000 Link. To my knowledge, this is their only account in English.

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John F. Mahoney
Executive Director

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